About us

Dance Club "Ritam" - Srbac successfully works, for over 17 years in the municipality of Srbac, RS and BiH. Through the club and the dance school have passed hundreds of Srbac youth. President of the club is Mr. Branko Savanović, a jurist, a longtime worker in the Union of Dance Sport of the Republic of Srpska and president of the Dance Sport Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Head coach at the club is Mrs. Victoria Savanovic, Master of Physical Education. She has been dancing since she was 6 and the biggest success, she achieved in the former USSR, where she lived until 1988. In June of 2005. she became the Master of Physical Education, specialty dances. Since 2006. she is licensed IDSF judge.

The greatest successeses of previous work are conquering more than 50 first places in international tournaments in BiH and abroad, winning 15 league titles and over 30 BIH Champion RS.

We are organizers of the first international tournament in the Republic of Srpska called "Ritam Open 2001", then the championship of BiH in 2006. Ballroom Dance and the international tournament "Ritam Open 2006.". Since 2007. the tournament "Ritam Open" is held under the sponsorship of the International Dance Organization IDSF - International Dance Sport Fedetation.

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